World History from 1500 to the Present

European Exploration and Colonization

Columbus’ letter to the King and Queen of Spain, 1494

Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico

Hernan Cortes: From Second Letter to the Emperor Charles V, 1520

Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618): The Discovery of Guiana, 1595

Magellan’s Voyage Round the World, 1519-1522 CE

The Reformation and Wars of Religion

Luther- The 95 Theses

Letter of Thomas Cranmer, on Henry VIII’s Divorce

The Council of Trent

Map showing religious division in Europe

Witchcraft Documents [15th Century]

The Destruction of Magdeburg

Early Modern Europe

The First English Coffee-Houses, c. 1670-1675

Bossuet: Politics Derived from Holy Writ

The Court Of Louis XIV

The Islamic Empires

A Visit to the Wife of Suleiman the Magnificent (Translated from a Genoese Letter), c. 1550

The Tribute of Children, 1493

Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq: The Turkish Letters, 1555-1562

The Status of Jews and Christians in Muslim Lands, 1772 CE

East Asia in the 16th through 18th Centuries

The Chinese Rites Controversy

K’ang Hsi: The Sacred Edicts

The Enlightenment

U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776)

French Declaration of Rights (1789)

Smith- Wealth of Nations

Hume- An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

Voltaire- The Philosophical Dictionary


The Scientific Revolution



The Age of Conservatism

Metternich, political confession of faith

The Age of Revolution

Marx & Engles- communist manifesto

The Industrial Revolution

Report of the Sadler Committee


Mazzini- Essay on the Duties of Man

The Western Hemisphere in the 19th Century


The Earl of Cromer: Why Britain Acquired Egypt in 1882, 1908

England, India, and The East Indies, 1617 A.D.

Asia in the 19th Century

Lin Cixu- Letter to Victoria, 1839

Birth of the Modern

The Young Turks: Proclamation for the Ottoman Empire, 1908

The Great War

Poetry from World War I

Anglo-French Joint Statement of Aims in Syria and Mesopotamia – World War I Document Archive

China and Japan in the early 20th Century

The Rise of Totalitarianism


Mussolini- what is fascism?

V.I. Lenin- state and revolution

Stalin, Industrialization of the Country, 1928

The Ukranian Famine

World War II

The Cold War

The Post War West

Blair, The Third Way, 1998

Asia since 1945


Africa since 1945

The Middle East since 1945

The Eisenhower Doctrine, A Message to Congress, January 5, 1957

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