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The New Constitution: For and Against

The 1787 convention in Philadelphia created a document (the Constitution) which would radically reshape the United States. Establishing a “federal” system in which the central government held a great deal more authority than under the Articles of Confederation. Divided into executive (embodied in the President), legislative (Congress), and judicial (the federal courts), the new system gave what its authors asserted were clearly defined and limited powers to the federal government.

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Instability during the Confederacy Period: Shays’s Rebellion

The Articles of Confederation, adopted during the War for Independence, established a system in which most power was held by the individual states rather than in a strong central government. By the mid-1780s, rebellions in several states–including one led by Daniel Shays in Massachusetts–illustrated the drawbacks of such limited government. This account of the Rebellion is from a dozen years after the fact.

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Images of the French Revolution

Choose three of the images located at the Imaging the French Revolution site.  Answer the applicable questions below (note: not every question is relevant to every picture!)

  1. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the people of France?
  2. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the political rulers of France?
  3. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the religious rulers of France?
  4. Describe some of the different ways the images present women.