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Mad Tom!

"Mad Tom in a Rage" A cartoon from 1801

“Mad Tom in a Rage”
A cartoon from 1801
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The Devil: Pull away pull away my son don’t fear! I’ll give you all my assistance.

Jefferson: I fear it is stronger rooted than I expected but with the assistance of my old friend and a little more brandy I will bring it down.

Questions to consider:

  1. How does this cartoon characterize Jefferson?
  2. What is Jefferson trying to “bring down”?
  3. Based on what you know of Jefferson’s political beliefs and actions, what specific actions or opinions might have inspired this cartoon?

Ideology and Propaganda: Make Mine Freedom

Throughout the Cold War, Harding College (now University) produced a number of films which promoted “American” values in the face of perceived pressure from “un-American” ideologies.  This short animated film, “Make Mine Freedom” is an early example of these films.  As you watch it, think about the goals the filmmakers had in creating this cartoon and who the cartoon’s audience might have been.

Source: The Prelinger Collection (direct link to video)

Questions to consider:

  1. The film makes reference to “isms”–given the year of production, to what “isms” might the filmmakers have been referring?
  2. What do the filmmakers promote as an alternative to ‘isms”?
  3. What are the specific dangers of these “isms”?
  4. What makes the American way better than the foreign “isms,” according to the filmmakers?

Images of the French Revolution

Choose three of the images located at the Imaging the French Revolution site.  Answer the applicable questions below (note: not every question is relevant to every picture!)

  1. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the people of France?
  2. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the political rulers of France?
  3. How do the images you’ve chosen characterize the religious rulers of France?
  4. Describe some of the different ways the images present women.

How Much Affection? Youth, Sex, and Social Norms in Cold War America

During the 1950s, some American thinkers expressed concern that deviation from accepted behavior, would contribute to a weakening of American society. This educational film from 1958 addresses some of the perceived consequences of premarital sex. While premarital sex was certainly not invented in the 1950s, concerns about “proper” behavior were enhanced by the tensions of the Cold War.

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