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Mad Tom!

"Mad Tom in a Rage" A cartoon from 1801

“Mad Tom in a Rage”
A cartoon from 1801
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The Devil: Pull away pull away my son don’t fear! I’ll give you all my assistance.

Jefferson: I fear it is stronger rooted than I expected but with the assistance of my old friend and a little more brandy I will bring it down.

Questions to consider:

  1. How does this cartoon characterize Jefferson?
  2. What is Jefferson trying to “bring down”?
  3. Based on what you know of Jefferson’s political beliefs and actions, what specific actions or opinions might have inspired this cartoon?

The New Constitution Tested: Creating the Bank of the United States

Despite pro-Constitution writers’ arguments that the new government’s powers were limited, those limits were tested very quickly. George Washington, the first President under the new Constitution, inherited a financial disaster of debt. His treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, proposed a central banking system–the Bank of the United States–to manage the national debt and issue currency. Nowhere did the new Constitution define “creating a bank” as one of the federal governments powers.

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